At Douglasville Children's Therapy Services & Associates, we take care to provide our customers high-quality services personalized for their unique needs. We provide pediatric occupational, physical, and speech therapies to children throughout the metro Atlanta area and Douglasville.

Speech and Language Therapy helps a child become more independent in expressing needs and wants, interacting with family and peers, and developing social skills. Speech therapy focuses on improving the quality of life and access to communication to connect with the world. Speech therapy addresses receptive and expressive language, pragmatic language, cognitive skills, augmentative communication, problem solving, articulation, fluency, and voice.

Occupational Therapy addresses the areas of feeding, oral motor skills, self-care skills, sensory processing, cognitive development,  social interaction with peers, fine motor skills for completion of age-appropriate crafts or school skills, and strength and endurance to be able to participate in age-appropriate motor activities.  Occupational therapy also addresses community integration and independent activities of daily living.

Physical Therapy treatment focuses on improving gross motor skills including but not limited to walking, running, throwing, skipping and jumping.  We also address balance and coordination, strength and endurance, as well as cognitive development and sensory processing.  Physical therapy also partners with our prosthetic/orthotic and mobility specialists to assist in obtaining the most effective assistive devices.